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Unrelenting Eye (UREYE) Studio is dedicated to excellence in Photography, Web Design and Development, and much more. The unrelenting eye is our goal in everything we do, to capture true beauty and to allow people to appreciate their own amazing worlds that are around them. Beauty is something that can be found everywhere, but it is many times hidden and concealed; It is our goal at UREYE Studios to uncover it and make it seen. Light is the easiest and the most profound aspects in uncovering beauty and it is our aspiration to use it and the other resources that we have to make beauty known and truly appreciated.

Matt Nosbisch

I am a college student starting my senior year this Fall of 2010 at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois. I am majoring in Web Application Development (developing Web Pages) and Information Technology with a minor in Photography. I hail from Germantown Hills/Metamora, Illinois where I have spent most of my life quite contently. I graduated Metamora Township High School in the Spring of 2007 with involvement in too many activities to list and also graduated Illinois Central College in the Spring of 2009 with an Associates Degree in Science. I started an internship with Caterpillar in the summer of 2006 and worked there till 2009 with two years of the internship focused on Web Application Development. I also am involved in a 3 month stint at Caterpillar as an ATS agency worker as of the summer of 2010 with doing graphic design and user interface development on web sites. I play tennis, a leader of TOC (Theology on Campus), and participate in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) while attending University of St. Francis. Back at home, I am involved as a Adult Leader in Youth For Christ and an active member of the TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) community.

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